Bassett Livestock Auction

Wednesday, May 28 - Spring Pairs, Fall Calf & Yearling Auction

            Slaughter Cattle 10:30 AM - Pairs - 1:00 PM followed by Feeder Cattle

Spring Pairs:  
500	blk & bwf (35%),two-eight years including: 
	90 1st calf hrs with Feb Angus calves at side; 
	balance will be approximately 70 head for each year for 3 through 8's, 
	with April calves at side.  
	The cows from 1997 through 2001 are the results of an extensive AI program 
	and this year's calves are over 50% AI sired by top angus bulls.  
	Cows have been on a complete vaccination program and culled very closely 
	for udder quality and disposition.  
	This is a complete dispersion of this age group from an outstanding breeding program.  
	Pairs will be aged and sorted in groups to accommodate everyone.  
	Fred and Burdena Weidner - (605) 557-3485
  20	xbred running age cows with March calves at side - complete dispersion - Wade Luther

Fall Calves:
200	blk & bwf strs & hfrs 				375-475	Leo Connot
120	blk inc:  50 strs/70 hfrs (weaned)		525-600	Tom Frank
  73	red strs (drug free-NCFB eligible-weaned)	500-600	Lackaff Cattle Co.
  50	blk & charx strs & hfrs (weaned)		475-575	Gary Connot
  25	blk & bwf strs & hfrs (weaned)			400-450	Graff Ranch
  18	blk & bwf strs & hfrs (weaned)			400-500	Kerry & Tara Bryant

275	blk & bwf strs					775-925	Shoemaker Farms
120	blk & bwf hfrs					850-875	Rod Bartos
  76	red strs (NCFB eligible)			625-650	Lackaff Cattle Co.
  65	charx strs					800	Graff Ranch

If you have any questions about the sale, or if you would like to visit about a future listing please contact us at Bassett Livestock Auction.

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